Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Books That I Think I Am Reading This Week But I Probably Won't!

Reading this now...I was really just glancing at it and now I am full on in to it! Three somewhat quirky friends and their lives this year at school...All of these friends have somewhat serious issues that prevent them from liking school...people...life. I get the feeling this book is more serious than I think it is.

A blogger was talking about this one because she felt it was truly the definition of a five star book. I just happened to have it. The cover alone makes me want to read this.
Thus one I started and put down not because it wasn't good but rather because I wasn't in the mood for it.
I think I saw this one on ShelfAwareness. And because I love books like this...books with world destroying secrets...I checked my shelves and I had it!
This one? I was asked to read this by the author. I was in the mood to say yes! I love the cover! Plus...spelled out on the cover? YA FANTASY ADVENTURE! My thing lately...
I know I have mentioned this before but I really never read much fantasy...ever! When I was teaching it was tons of primary grade books and then when I wasn't teaching I needed grown up books. I just didn't want to read any MG or YA fantasy...but now? I love it!
It is a hot hot day here on the East Coast...Den is at the office...I have the house totally clean and I am about to read for a bit...
Apricot glazed pork chops...another sheet pan supper!
I made this One Bowl Apple Cake yesterday...it was perfect...it makes the equivalent of one layer...you don't have to peel the apples...seriously...and literally you dump everything in one bowl! You can literally Google this and get tons of recipes...pretty much all the same...this one is from mayamade blogspot. My mom had the same recipe but it made a huge 9 x 13 pan and we always wasted half...this is perfect for two people!
With that...I am out of here!





  1. You sound like me - I have to check my shelves to see if I have a book too.

  2. I agree, no matter how "good" a book is, you have to be in the mood. That first book looks good. I need to check that one out.
    It was so hot and humid here the past few weeks, but is supposed to cool down after the rain we ste having now. I hope so. I truly am ready for fall.

  3. The pork chops look delicious - just love Sheet Pan Suppers! And I have an apple cake recipe that looks just like yours. Wonder if we make the same one ;-)

    1. I bet we do! The chops had a smear of apricot jam on top!

  4. Wow, you have an endless supply of books I've never heard of! LOL

    I love pork chops, but haven't had them in forever...I need a good recipe. I might actually cook!

    1. These were really good...and...so simple!

  5. I'm going to look for the apple cake recipe - tis the season, right?!