Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts...

Book thoughts...

Loving this entire family has one get Angela into Harvard!

Restless thoughts... is the problem with having the freedom to move literally anywhere...the problem is...too much freedom...we wake up every morning searching Zillow and Trulia and We ask ourselves what we want...Den says let's go down and clear out some bins in the basement...I look at my email, my blog, other blogs and start to read...and the basement is forgotten until another day...sigh! It's been so hot here...the weatherman says we are in our 28th day of temps in the 90''s cool in the basement and yet...I am not motivated to go down there...there are chores and kitty entertaining and errands and walks. Den goes into his study and makes lists...painters, tree trimmers, driveway oilers...gutter makes me crazy! Also...we really do love it here but we both want a new house...a little bit smaller and a little more custom and a little less complicated...if I knew where we were going would I be more motivated? I mean at seven different times in our lives we have dropped everything and moved where Den was transferred...but now? Is there such a thing as a moving coach? Hee hee! I am starting to love the little towns that we visit around here...little beachy towns in Maryland on the Chesapeake are so appealing to me but...they have their flaws...too. Would we want to live there year round? And here we are so close to everything! NYC, Washington, beaches, Trader Joe's, the bread ladies...oh me oh my!

Enough of that kind of moaning and groaning...sorry!

When we both think of our next house...these come into play...These are the styles we both love!

Off to maybe empty a bin or two? It would make Den so happy!






  1. I tried signing in here with my iPhone, and got a weird may have worked, or not. Just in case you see duplicates...LOL.

    Anyway, love those houses, especially No. 2. Enjoy!

  2. Good luck figuring out where to go. I can imagine all that freedom to choose is hard- so many places to consider.

  3. Oh my. And here I just want to scale down. I still think it sounds like you are comfy, cozy, and happy where you are. ☺

    1. These are scaled down...smaller...simpler...uncomplicated.

  4. Maybe you should just buy a second home!

    I grabbed The Admissions from netgalley - you are an enabler.