Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Random Thoughts...

This meatloaf...I used turkey...was amazing...I love my Sheet Pan Supper book! There was no weird liquid...and the potatoes underneath were so yummy!

Tonight we are having this...it's the NYT macaroni and cheese recipe that uses cottage cheese. Plus you don't have to boil the pasta. It's the best recipe ever.
Making this, too...Bonappetit's Chicken With Dijon Sauce.
Apparently we are having a very saucy dinner!
Plus...I really want to make Banana Bread...I think this one is from Bonappetit !
Books...reading this...
Read and loved the first one...I guess it's middle grade fantasy...and...it's so good...great fantastic funny characters!
Just started this one, too...based on the real life inspirations for F.Scott Fitzgerald's Tender Is The Night. This author wrote Tigers In Red Weather...which I think I read? Ha ha...
More random thoughts...
I hate fruit salad.
I hate green salad with fruit in it.
I think I just ripped my white summer chenille bedspread when I tried to lift it out of the washer.
I woke up last night at 11:02 and the night before at 1:00.
Roxie and I went to a far bedroom to watch TV...while Lucy and Den slept like rocks. So unfair...usually I just start reading my Kindle and fall right to sleep but for the last two nights I have been wired.
We are going to see Peter Cetera again at a venue that's much closer.
I don't have any packages on their way to me. That's a phenom...ha ha.
Off to make that Banana Bread...





  1. It looks like you're a great cook! I am up every night these days and it's about to drive me out of my mind. My right eye is bad right now but I went and had a bandage contact put in today so maybe that will help tonight.

  2. The meatloaf and the mac and cheese look so good! Comfort food....

    Love the idea of a book inspired by Tender is the Night. Enjoy!

    Waking up in the middle of the night is the pits...unless there is a good book to read. Last night, I got on the computer and wrote a new review, and then posted one of my NetGalley reviews on Amazon, since the book came out today (Black-Eyed Susans).

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Umm...the meatloaf and banana bread--yum. You know what I think about the mac and cheese! Lol...I was up for hrs this morning too; reading my Nook app and watching YouTube videos in bed. Birds of a feather... :-) Thank goodness you don't have to get up for work. Argh!