Thursday, August 13, 2015

Miscellaneous Stuff!

Today was a four stop day for me...Den had a six stop day...he dropped me off and went on to grab wine and hit a bucket of golf balls...I think making more than two stops is exhausting!

First...Ulta for a new flat iron...mine is not cutting it...and Den needed shaving cream...Art Of The Shave...

Dick's Sporting Goods...Den needed a new club, golf shirts, and new golf shoes...Roxie got bright orange ping ping balls.

Trader Joe's for fun shopping without a list! Love this kind of fill up my pantry shopping...vinegars, sugar, oils, coffees, cheeses, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, Joe's salsas, tuna, beans, Joe's spaghetti o's...Trader Joe's shopping is just really fun. It's always a surprise!

Last for me was the SIW Vegetable much local produce! We even got the first local apples.

I don't even know what I am going to do with these! Eggplant Parmesan?
Tonight I amusing Trader Joe's Pizza Dough and the vegetables I bought to make these...
About to start something new...
Off to make pizzas!



  1. That sounds like a fun day. And pizza sounds really good!

  2. Trader Joe's Spaghetti-O's? I obviously don't know how to shop in that store.

  3. Hi Patty, I tried to go to your blog and it took me to an old one first, I left a comment, then I noticed it was an older post.
    So, I hit Home and it took me here to the new post! duh!
    I like the looks of those fresh veggies, I love to go to the vegetable market, I made some eggplant Parm the other night and it was so good.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Dorothy...thank you so much for going to the trouble to find me! I am making my eggplant on Sunday!

  4. The vegetables are gorgeous! I especially love the look of the eggplant. Now I want that pizza, too....yum!

    We have an Ulta in the neighborhood mall, but I've only been in there once. My daughter used to go all the time. Now she lives across town, but she has probably found one there, too.

    1. Ultras are fun and great for supplies!

  5. I don't hit Trader Joe's often. I find that a lot of their gluten free stuff still gives me a reaction so I chalk it up to shared equipment and the like, which is a drag. I did go there this past weekend though to get some Feta and capers for my chicken dish. I also picked up Black Pepper chips and tamales!

    1. Ours is not really close but I love shopping there!