Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday's Mixed Bag!

Love this seems as though everyone in this near perfect San Francisco based family is teetering on the edge of something! I was reading it at 5:00 this morning!

Fun stuff!!!
A fermented tea from Whole Foods called Pu-erh.
More noodles from Damndelicious...
Bracelets from my favorite...Chan Luu.
Shoes...slides...comfy ones...from Free People.
Spaghetti Pie from The Today Show. Whoa!
Oh my...Apple Fritter Bread from The Baking Chocola Tess! Making this tomorrow!
A totally impractical dress...from FP. I need to find a Ball to go to...heehee!
Fall! Just around the corner? A Free People favorite!
Lots of fall stuff from Buttermilk Basin!
Joy The Baker's Perfect BLT!
Love these from Ugg's.
My new desk lamp...shhhh...Bears At Work!
A sleeping beauty...
One more sleeping beauty...
A second book in a trilogy that I need to read...I loved the first book!
A book I want desperately...heehee! I loved the book before this one!
Signing off until Monday!





  1. Lots of wonderful stuff! I must check out that book....and the food, too.

    Great lamp and that quilt on the wall is my kind of thing. Also, so are the bears....

    1. I had a feeling you would like that room...heehee!

  2. I love this post :) And, omg that apple fritter bread!!!

  3. Oh, that bread!! Just googled the recipe and pinned it... makes me long for fall. Will give it a try after our annual apple picking expedition. Can't wait to hear how the recipe turns out for you!

  4. Yum! Apple fritter, and I love that sweater :)

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out