Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Watery Wednesday!

It's raining! It's pouring! Now the sun is out! This has been a crazy weather week! We managed to get soaking wet trying to go out for lunch! It was crazy! So...we picked up tacos and came home to dry out!

Reading this...oh is so good...takes place in the Bay Area...we used to live there...and my love for books about dysfunctional families knows no bounds!

From Amazon...

The Admissions brilliantly captures the frazzled pressure cooker of modern life as a seemingly perfect family comes undone by a few desperate measures, long-buried secrets—and college applications!

I love desperate measures and family secrets! Especially long buried ones! Yum!

My eggplant recipe yesterday...or rather Jamie Oliver's...sparked eggplant convo's everywhere! Den and I hate eggplant but this recipe was so different...nothing was fried or breaded...the slices were roasted...I used a really good jarred marinara...and I used this kind of eggplant. I don't even know if that makes a difference but the eggplant didn't need to be salted and just roasted and was really tender without any bitterness! However I did make the sauce meaty and I did add soft mozzarella slices to the layers...Den and I were in total shock and awe when we tasted was so delicious. don't have to believe me...heehee!
Off to read and play with Roxie and her newest toy!



  1. I want The Admissions - it sounds so good! We had a storm come through but it's almost over now and the devil's beating his wife. (I just had to throw that southern phrase in there for fun.) I will take your word on the eggplant but I still don't want to try it.

    1. You have to tell me what that means!!!

  2. That's a different looking eggplant! I guess I'd try the recipe since you loved it :)
    That's a new phrase to me too, Kathy!

  3. When you have a sun shower it is said, "the devil is beating his wife." There are variations, but essentially that is it . Sounds like that happened by your area!

  4. I love southern phrases! I didn't realize how "southern" my grandparents on my father's side were....but they were full of those southern phrases. They were from Missouri.

    I think the eggplant sounds wonderful!