Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Reasonably On Schedule?

Finished this...it was reasonably yummy...

Reading this...so far it too is reasonably yummy...but I love a character...Liam...who has both an interesting dog and an interesting cat...and lives in a house at the sea's edge in Nantucket and also has a lost love who is coming back to Nantucket with a son...hmmmm? I am reasonably suspicious that this grown son is Liam's son...wouldn't you be, too?
This is one of my Vine books...it's getting some interesting reviews so I might read this one next...
Today we make the hour and one minute drive to Skippack for hair care!
Happy Tuesday!



  1. It looks like you're reading good books! Good luck with the hair appointment!

  2. Saint Mazie intetests me because I used to have a Sheltie nsmed Maisie, before the name caught on. I still miss her.

  3. These all look promising....thanks for sharing, and enjoy!

  4. Interesting cat: check. Possible unknown son: check. Nantucket sounds like a good story!