Monday, July 6, 2015

It's Always About The Books...

This week we are at trips...which is kind of nice. I really love our short road trips but we prep for them the same way we would for a longer trip. House tidied, flowers watered, lawn mowed...notes for the catsitter, laundry done, bathrooms clean, food laid out for the girls...whew...packing...timers...I think that's why we are exhausted when we get back...oh my...

Home Sweet Home!

So it's nice to be at home this week...even though there is weeding, watering, more lawn mowing! It never ends! Doors need to be painted...again!

This week I have a reading plan...sort of...

I read this is literally 54 minutes of a school shooting...I could not put it down.

I am reading this now...
Then my plan is to read this...
And finally this...
Sounds like a good plan to me...I think!
Do you do a lot of prep before a trip or do you just pack and go?
Happy Monday! I hope the sun is shining for you...we have three days of rain...and perhaps a glimpse of sun on Thursday!






  1. Prepping for a trip is a lot of work and I swear it's just as much work if you go for one night or seven. Have a great week!

  2. Looks like it will be a great week. Enjoy it!

  3. Your plan sounds good! I am trying to go with the flow this week, with less planning. I wonder how that will work out? LOL

  4. I'm preparing to go away on vacation in just a few days actually. I am a list maker. So sunday night I sat down and made my list for the week. Each day I'm doing a little bit of organizing and packing, so that I don't get totally overwhelmed.
    As nice as it is to go away, there is nothing better than coming home again.

    1. I so totally agree with you! It's exhausting to get to be away...and then the crash when we come home!

    2. case I didn't get my complete address in! Sorry!