Friday, July 10, 2015


Den was away for work yesterday and overnight and of course our weather forecast was frightful. A tornado watch was up all day and the local news was filled with doom and gloom. I was alone with the girls and in the early evening we just sat together waiting for the strong winds, lightning, hail, forceful rain and of course the "piece de resistance" power! The red band across the bottom of the TV showed actual times when the worst of the storm was likely to strike. 7:14...I turned lights and tv off...watched the girls for that inner knowledge of weather conditions that cats are supposed to have...there was nothing...and just listened to the far off rumbling of thunder.

Just when I thought the storm hit! Wind, rain and lightning that lasted for about 20 minutes...and then a surreal calm...and we still had electricity! Oh my...and...the girls slept through the entire thing!

Finished this...good but I did not love's written through excerpts from diaries and I forgot how much I don't like that kind of format.
Reading this...not in my weekly schedule...just happened to get it, started it and now I can't stop reading it...
It is a beautiful day out there today...the girls and I will have some deck time...and make Den pasta for dinner! A baked cheesy chickeny one! From Bon Appetit!
Happy Weekend! I am off until Monday!



  1. I guess your girls knew there was nothing to worry about with that storm. I'm glad your power wasn't affected.

  2. I am glad the storms were minor there. Now, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Whew, glad the storm wasn't a bad one! Enjoy the weekend... looks like we're going to have beautiful weather here.

  4. So glad you didn't lose power! I have been pretty much absent from the blogs this week....going here and there, showing the "Berliners" the sights...and eating a lot. Sometimes at Heather's, and sometimes here. My new daughter-in-law also loves to cook, so my presence in the kitchen is not missed! LOL

    I had wanted to read that Saint Mazie book, but now I think I'll pass...I don't like that writing format either. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Ahh...Look at those girls...not a care in the world. That's the life! :-)