Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday's Trivia?

Sandwiches...I could live on them! These are from Serious Eats! Don't they look...er...ah...delectable? All recipes are on Serious Eats!

Lobster Club!

Salami with white bean spread!
Broccoli rabe and turkey!
Goat cheese and roasted veg!
Tea! Den and I eat these all of the time!
Bracelets...I must have one of these...the keys are all old and convey a message...when you are ready you are supposed to pass the key along to someone else...who might need it...The Giving Key...
The view from my window...yesterday...Den's head in the corner reading...a lovely sight!
Reading a fun fluffy book about Nantucket...with a selfish stepsister and a perfect giving other sister...I did not want to enjoy this but I am! Of course perfect men with issues are involved...and I want to smack the step sister!
Up next...
With that...I am outta here!



  1. Oh, those sandwiches... it's lunchtime and I wish I had one right now! Think I'll head to the kitchen and see what I can put together. Probably nothing that looks as pretty as those.

    Love your view!

    1. We found great BLT's here...but I want that Lobster one!

  2. I would love sandwiches if they didn't contain bread. lol

  3. I would like the goat cheese and roasted veggie...and iced tea? This is my kind of Summer eats! Yum.
    I am reading Fig...and loving the lyrical writing. Wow.

  4. I really love the look of the turkey sandwich....

    Great view from inside....and I am drawn to the Jude Deveraux book...it's been a long while since I read one.