Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday's Trivia!!!

I really hope that I am not boring you with trip trivia but I had to share this was just so perfect! It is my kind of

Today...we are hungry...for everything...but I think I am making this...a sort of Mediterranean Bean Salad and barbecued chicken!
The barbecue of chicken is from soon as I figure out what 140C means...
I fell in deep mad love with this dress on Etsy...and I am getting it! It is so my style! Thank you, Aida, for answering all of my many questions! I am actually getting this in black...Aida is wonderful...patient and kind and patient! Really! I had a zillion questions!
It is a rainy dreary day here today...Den has to put together a deck bin to keep our sectional pieces in...right now when it rains we haul every pillow into the garage...and we keep making our deck sectional bigger...we are adding one last piece today and then we are done...whew!
Reading this...
And...that's my trivia!
Have a great Thursday!




  1. When we lived in France I had to convert all our recipes from Fahrenheit to Celsius and I got where I could do it in my head. Carl would love that chicken but I wouldn't want to eat it because it has bones in it.

    1. We actually did boneless skinless chicken thighs. You are a bit of a fussy eater! Lol!

  2. The food looks yummy, as usual...I have noticed Sweet Forgiveness on Vine, I think...I am trying not to request any more right now. Have a Fun Friday!

  3. I love everything about this post. Everything! That's my idea of a great vacay spot. Perfect! :-)

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  5. Great vacation! Glad you had a wonderful time! I would absolutely love that salad, though would leave out the chicken as we are doing vegetarian now... enjoy the deck and hope the girls are getting out in their outside beds.