Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday's Thingamajigs!

Den has been gone all week...he just got in about an hour ago. Thank goodness! I am exhausted! It's amazing how many daily house chores it takes to maintain our lives. Den does coffee...Den makes breakfast...Den wakes up to feed the cats while I stay in bed pretending to sleep. So...for four days this week...the girls had to wait for me to wake up enough to give them breakfast...there were fed an hour and a half later every day this week...they were not too happy! They were outraged that they didn't get back to their after breakfast nap until much later! I am exhausted! Lol...I am teasing...we share all jobs but I feel it when he is gone...I had to do everything! Even litter! I even had to make my own coffee! Lol...again...teasing!

Just a few thingamajigs...I love this word...this slouchy dress is from NastyGal...
As is this slouchy bag, too...
From FreePeople...I think I am the Queen Of All Things Slouchy!
I embrace the slouch!
Books...reading this...
Food...these amazing dishes are from Damn Delicious. This blogger has the best recipes!
That's it for thingamajigs!
I am outa here!



  1. Carl does a lot around here too so I know what you mean. I enjoy it when he's gone for a day or two but then am really happy when he gets back.

    1. I always knew we had a lot in common!

  2. Oh, my. I cannot imagine what would happen to you if you had my life! I am always alone...well, with Stella, Maggie, Grizelda, and Chloe Jo.

  3. " bed pretending to sleep." Lol! Been there! Ha ha ha...You are too funny. Love that shot of the girls. :-)

  4. I've made several recipes from Damn Delicious... and they always are ;-)

  5. I can't relate...LOL. Single life, me doing it all. But I'm used to it now, after all these years. Except when something doesn't work around here and I have to search for an expert! Sigh.

    Yesterday it was the TV, which suddenly turned weird with no color (fairly new TV, too); so I called AT&T...and they came out and fixed it. It needed some upgraded cables...and in the process I got a new modem and new remotes. And the guy was nicer than some of them it didn't seem weird. It was like one of my sons fixing it.

    Now I have a "brand new" TV, my new Blu-Ray for bingeing on Netflix....and the weekend ahead.

    Enjoy yours!

    1. I am glad that everything is perfectly working again!

  6. I like that slouchy navy blue dress above! And I am wondering about the Lori Roy book.
    What a yummy salad that pasta and veg dish is, at least it looks that way :)