Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Plan...Is No Plan!

It has been raining and pouring for most of the night...and now it's just very gloomy out there...Lucy needs a cold laser treatment for her little tiny arthritic knees but I think we will do it tomorrow. It's much cooler here, too. Den is gone again today so the three of us are snuggled in bed with books, coffee, yogurt and iPads...Roxie already ate everything left in my container...I put it down for a second and whoosh! Eaten! Everyone is content and I am trapped. I could not get out of bed if I tried. No more coffee for me!

Roxie is under the bump in the bed and Lucy won't let her leave!

Finished this yesterday...sweet, cakey and really good. Small town stuff that was really endearing plus an old mystery...it all comes together at the end but now I want a cupcake with buttercream icing!
Finished this yesterday, too, sadly I did not like it and I used to love reading books by this author. I think I need to avoid books that say they are funny...Stella...main character...is too much for me!
Now reading this...no thoughts yet...but it has the potential to make me sad...it's about a boy with ALS and sadly two members in my family...on my mom's side...a cousin...and on my dad's side...my Aunt Jennie...died from this disease. It makes my family sad and scared sometimes.
Thinking about how I want to go out and play with my flowers...I want to deadhead and plant more and assess...I have a garden in pots in the back under the deck...tomatoes and peppers and herbs! It's too wet to see what is going on with them. The hydrangeas look as though they are ready to blossom!
There are ducks and geese...baby geese, too, quacking under the deck. Den feeds them and he didn't this morning! I need to find my Wellies and feed them soon!
Regular ducks and wood ducks, too!












  1. We had rain but it's still hot here. I want a do-nothing day! We have a pair of geese who next in our neighborhood each year but something happened to their eggs or their babies this year which made us rather sad.

  2. Sounds like you have our weather from last weekend. I love your deck!
    We've lived in our house for 21 years and this is the first time a mama cardinal nested in front of our kitchen window. I counted 4 eggs and can't wait to see the babies when they make an appearance.

    1. Now that's exciting...the babies! Thank you! We love the deck, too...it has a shady side and a sunny side!

  3. Love the look of your house, with that great deck...cute ducks, too!

  4. Ha ha ha...Roxie ate your snacks...lol...Love the look of that cake on the cover! But I hate buttercream! Yuck...