Friday, June 5, 2015

It's A Pounding Kind Of Day!

People have been pounding on our house since 7:00 this morning! I think I have a headache and the girls are a little freaked out, too! This house has 6 doors and today two of them are being replaced for the second time! Also security lights on the highest part of the house are being changed out so that pounding is literally in my head...


Lucy and Roxie are sticking close to me and we are all stationed upstairs...the scariest replacement is the door near the laundry room because Roxie could potentially walk right as long as I stay upstairs they will stay with me.


Den just brought them lunch upstairs...are my kitties high maintenance? OMG! These are their worried faces! My babies!

Finishing these...I am not in a reading mood today...I wonder why?
Den does not understand all...he has been gone all week long and he schedules this work for we are trapped here! I can't even get out of the driveway...sigh...the deck and laundry room are a we have clean up to do later...double sigh...this is not a fun Friday!
With that said...have a good one! I am not having a good one!



  1. I can't imagine that it takes all day to put two doors in. You will have some relief soon.

  2. All that pounding would drive me crazy!!

  3. I hope you have a better weekend. I don't suffer these things well, myself. I am like a cat. Change is not pleasant for me.

  4. Oh, I so hated when people were working on my house...back when I had one...LOL.

    There have been occasional repairs on the condo, but the worst one was when I had a leak in the walls, and they had to break through the walls to go in and fix it...and then repair the wall. Everything was a mess, but they did it in two days.

    Your poor kitties and your poor head!