Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Clearly Am Obsessed...

I think that I have weird obsessions...the coloring and colored pencil obsession...buying clothes in three's book obsession, of course...and recently my Jurassic everything obsession...I am watching the second one again now but it's still soooo good! I love Jeff Goldblum in these! And the velociraptors...deadly yet still cute? Oh my!

This even looks good! This lovely food blogger makes it out of Sprite, pineapple juice and Tropical Punch Koolaid!


Other than reading...this has been a hazy lazy day! Even my girls are inactive! Every once in a while someone walks down and bumps us...then they disappear upstairs again...always in our room and on our bed. They love the feel of this summer chenille bedspread!
Conked out after a fishy lunch!
Just finished this and it was truly's written differently...the middle actually tells the ending...sort of!
Up next? I think this...
Happy Sunday!




  1. So, are you OCD? Ha! I think we each have things we really enjoy, sometimes a lot! As long as it doesn't hurt anyone it should be okay!

  2. You buy clothes in threes? What does that mean? I've never seen a Jurassic Park movie.

  3. I noticed Becoming Ellen on Vine...but I read a previous book by this author, and didn't enjoy it much. Your day sounds good....

  4. That drink looks so good! The girls are zonked!! Lol...I used to collect chenille blankets. Makes me think of the good old days. ♡ :-)