Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day Three...Of Rain!


It is amazing that we have had so many rainy days in a row...the decks are wet...everything is wet and it is so much cooler...I had to turn the girls' beds on last night! They needed heat! The upside is that everything outside Is so green! It's amazing! It's lush and vibrant and the hydrangeas have big almost ready to bloom blossoms! hydrangeas!


When my sister was here we would sit in the sunroom and talk while we colored in my grown up coloring books and she commented on the fact that when I do something I tend to go all in...I think she was talking about the pots and pots of colored pencils and the stacks of coloring books...sigh! But...when you start to color you realize that you need different pencils for different kinds of coloring. Light and dark and fine and medium...who knew? Plus I have finally found an activity to keep me busy while I wait for things...water boiling...pasta cooking...etc! I color!

And I get bored with the same books...and I love books like this! You really don't have to think about relaxing!

Reading this...
The rest of the day I think I will read and color and vacuum and wait for the sun!
Good Day, Sunshine!
Catch you later!








  1. The sun has finally come out in upstate NY today, but it is still quite cool... Hope you get some sunshine soon.

    I've been thinking about getting myself an adult coloring book and pencils. Loved to color as a kid and it is so relaxing.

    Also, I got approved for Enchanted August and started reading last night - so much fun! I just want to stay home and read all day today. Thanks for telling me about it!

    1. Get the pencils and will love it...I find it so relaxing and freeing! I am so glad you are enjoying Enchanted August!

  2. I could see my sister and I coloring together. By the way, my mom says I go all in when I do something as well. I, for one, don't think that's a bad thing.

    1. It was actually lovely...coloring and chatting! All right...going all in is a good thing!

  3. It was cool and rainy here last week. We actually are warming up. It is June, so...bound to happen.
    Lots of yardwork, too. *sigh*

  4. I agree that grown-ups need lots and lots of colors and books! Kids can keep their Dora the Explorer books; we need variety!
    Please send some of your extra rain our way--sorely needed here!
    Have a great day!

  5. Coloring does sound like such fun. And- who doesn't love to have all kinds of beautiful colored pencils? I know the teacher in me adores pens, pencils, and any kind of new school or office supply. :)

  6. What fun you had!

    That book looks interesting, too.