Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Ho Hum Kind Of Day!

I spent most of today listening to Den cough...what he thought were allergies seem to be a chest cold. Lucy slept on him last night so he must be sick...she only stays with him if she senses he doesn't feel well. So...whatever we had planned for today got cancelled...I made Den go to bed and stay there! He lumbered back downstairs to promptly fall asleep in a chair with Roxie. I think she is guarding Tonks are rumored to sense when you need them...


I spent the day reading this...sort of a YA Sherlock Holmes book that was excellent!
We are not sure that we are eating tonight...if we are eating we are having this...The pioneer woman's sesame noodles...
and Bonappetit's soy glazed chicken thighs...
And pie...more mixed berry pie! It is sooooooo yummy!
But we will see...Tony's are on tonight!
For now...I am outta here!



1 comment:

  1. Ok, now I'm hungry. Hope Den feels better soon. Our dog did the same thing as your cat whenever someone was sick. I miss her TLC :)