Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday's Whims?

An unscheduled day...what do we do? We have wanted to see The Avengers...but can't get in the mood. We should go get plants to plant...not in that mood either. I am not sure what I am in the mood for...I am mood less today. The train that derailed last night is the train that we take to get to NYC...really scary.

Reading is so sweet...Oliver is dead and in some sort of heaven...he thinks he died from a hole in his heart but when another classmate appears...he learns a different story.


Yummy food to grill...
Love this...found it on I want to use verisimilitude in my life...but how? I like the words cleave...squabble...winsome...and my all time fave...gumption! They are from Goodwill Librarian...

Peace out readers! Off to read! And contemplate...and wear something resplendent!



  1. That train accident! What a mess. So many people hurt and unaccounted for.

    1. I know! That is our train! Not going to NYC anythime soon!

  2. We want to see the Avengers this weekend, if it's still at our theater. I saw the same list of words - love it.

  3. That is so scary about the train. My heart goes out to the riders and the families.

    I love food on the grill and those photos look so delicious. :)

  4. Good thing you weren't on that train! Very scary....

    Love those grilled veggies, etc. And yes, what a great list of words!

  5. My heart and prayers go out to all those in the train accident. When I lived in NY a couple of years ago there was a similar one, high speed on a curve, in Hudson Valley, many deaths and injuries. sad.
    On a lighter note, you make me want to grill this week. And those words, too cousins' nana used to tell them to skedaddle, to go out and play :)