Friday, May 1, 2015


The day...

Den is at the office that gives me a chance to catch up on I need to brush the girls teeth...they squirm, wiggle and hate it and are always in a numbed stupor afterwards. Lucy's stupor is much more chilled than Roxie' So...tooth brushing...done...workout...done...trying on new shoes...done...doing laundry...fine washables, kitchen towels...darks...done! Lunch...done...deck time with girls...done...whew! Lucy ate a bug and threw up...clean could she?

Then the plan for Friday night dinner...roasted mustardy potatoes with baby brussell sprouts...and a roasted chicken that Den is bringing home...done...well...almost done. The recipe is from my Sheet Pan Suppers cookbook.
The book...
I have not been able to put this book down...I walked on my treadmill for about 45 minutes while reading it...I am almost finished and have no clue where it's headed. A young girl disappears and later is found dead. Her family is a mess and there is an undercurrent of abusive behavior within the family. And of course there is the lovely neighbor whom everyone seems to want to talk to. It is just a tad similar to The Lovely Bones in that the dead girl tells her own story. It's just beautifully written and constructed. I am totally captivated by it...I will spend the next few hours finishing is a mesmerizing book by a relatively new author.
The house...our making me crazy! I love our house but now that we are contemplating a move and a new house...I keep looking at my beloved rooms in a different way...why did I need so many things on the walls? Why did I collect so much stuff! Quilts and furniture and flags? Did I really need it all? Why did I need everything so red? And watermelons? Why did I need so many? We have such a mix of cherished stuff...old and new...repurposed...a Missouri pie safe that holds wine glasses, a St. Louis shoemaker's rack that now holds hand made Amish am I going to re do a whole new house if this it what we decide to do...maybe being alone with my thoughts is not a good! Plus...after living here for twenty years...both of us working full time most of the time...the a disaster. It looks neat but it is full of stuff..stuff in bins waiting to be dealt school stuff is still down there...yikes! Plus...when I do something...I do lots of it...cross stitch, quilt, color...I throw myself into it! Way too hard!
One lone watermelon...but there are more...sigh!
Just a few of many many quilts and cross stitchings!
This is a chicken nesting filled with books!
It's a dilemma! Where do I start? My solution is to just sit here and stress over it...for now.
Peace out everyone...back to my books and my house issues!




  1. We've moved a lot and have always used movers. They move everything and then I go through it in the new place. I keep what works and get rid of the rest. Then, I get to go out and buy new stuff!

  2. It sounds like you are already "home".

  3. I think I would do what Kathy suggests...have movers do it.

    That's what I did when I left my bigger house and downsized. But sadly, as you know from pictures I've posted, I have filled up the spaces...and now I am slowly purging and moving stuff to bins. I am thinking I need to do a garage sale of the stuff in bins....but later. Since I don't think I'm moving for a while, anyway.

    Why are you moving? I love your house, and with the new photos you are posting, I am getting a bigger glimpse of it...LOL

  4. We just love that roasted mustardy potatoes and chicken recipe from Sheet Pan Suppers! The Bones of You sounds great, too.