Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This Crazy Week Just Goes On And On...

So...we were told that the mulchers were not coming until 1:00 this afternoon...they were here at 7:00 this morning.

Lucy was up and screaming in our ears at 6:01...she was either warning us about the early mulchers or she was starving! Den and Roxie and I sleep much later than Lucy does! And she doesn't really like that we do this.

Once Lucy is up...Roxie begins her routine. They both jump up on our bed...they sit on my hip...they remind us that their little kitty tummies need fuel. Roxie is acquiring all of Lucy's "bad" habits. It's kind of scary...she does everything that Lucy does. Lately they have begun to bicker over who sits the closest to has always been Lucy but Roxie has learned how to annoy her enough to make her move...then Roxie settles into her spot...happily. My two little diva kitties!
This is dinner...buttery sage pan fried pork chops...from a new blog I love called Prairie Horizons...oh...we were busy yesterday so our last stop was Country Butcher and the Produce Patch. I went in for fruits and veg...Den went to get the chops...the stores are side by side...I told Den to just get two boneless pork chops...when I saw the package at home it looked huge...there were four of the thickest most massive chops inside...I could not even get a grip on how to use them...they were as big as steaks and at least two inches sliced one in half to get the size I needed...sliced another one in half to freeze...and froze two of them in their massive state to figure out what to do with later! Yikes!
This recipe for macaroni and cheese was on Facebook and it's from the do not precook the pasta before you bake it and it has sharp cheese as well as cottage cheese in it! This will be interesting!
Finally reading's kind of mesmerizing...

"Intelligent, poetic, captivating and chilling…. The mystery at the core of Love is Red is so gripping you will find yourself carrying the book around with you until you’re done.… You will want to re-read it as soon as you’re finished." (Elizabeth Haynes, New York Times bestselling author of Into The Darkest Corner and Under A Silent Moon)

The car was supposed to be a really fast fix...but it is still at the dealer's...
It has seemed like a really long week but it's only think we are getting company this week end...I can't even think that far ahead! Lol!
Happy Wednesday!




  1. Your supper looks much yummier than mine. Lol. Also, your cats are lovely. :)

  2. Our cats all pick up each other's habits, as do our dogs. It's almost scary how they imitate each other if they see that it gets the right results. I now have an older cat that comes and taps me on the cheek gently while I'm reading at night if I go past their dinner feeding (they get a spot of wet food at night before my bedtime and dry the rest of the day). My youngest cat does this, so now this past year my older cat does it too :)

    The mac and cheese looks scrumptious! I was just in B & N today to buy a couple of cookbooks that I felt I deserved for Mother's Day, or so I told my daughter who was with me, and one was just different ways to make grilled cheese... if it had been ways to make healthier mac & cheese I would've bought it, ha!

  3. I am hoping that the mac and cheese is lower in calories because of the low fat milk and cottage cheese. Lucy and Roxie get fed the opposite way...very little dry but they share a small can of wet food...gluten and grain free...three times a day.

  4. Those chops! I love a hefty chop! I am not doing much cooking these days. The kids are just too busy and need to be someplace right after I get home so we eat snacky things like yogurt and nuts or waffles. Horrible but they don't seem to mind. Actually prefer it.

  5. I know! I really wanted to try this recipe! The chops are really easy!

  6. Let us know how that mac and cheese turns out!

  7. It sounds like good busy! Have fun.
    Bill knows I love Lancaster and Amish country. I really do. I would love to spend time there.

  8. I haven't had pork chops in eons...and I am now drooling! I love mac and cheese, and that looks so tempting...

    Funny kitties! They know how to manipulate things, don't they?