Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Take A Break Tuesday!

I am not really doing anything important today...reading, blogging, relaxing...trying to explain to Roxie Blue that her Aunt Paula had to go home...she sits on the guest room bed and looks in the guest bath...no Aunt Paula! So sad!

Just finished this...I loved this book! Loved it...sometimes you need a sweet story...still filled with dysfunctional characters...in this case these characters run an inn in Tennessee...with a peach orchard...of course. You also need some mean guys (adulterous ex husbands and abusive boyfriends) and one good guy gone bad but gone good again...and a lost son and a sizzling love interest...that is just beginning to sizzle! Toss in wealthy parents and a happy ever after hopefully and you have an amazing beach book! With peach ice tea! I mean iced tea with peach slices floating in it...I am so doing that this summer!
Up next...
So excited to acquire these...thank you, Ti , for sharing!
That is all I have! Happy Tuesday!




  1. I will have to check The Memory House out! Hope you had a fabulous time relaxing. I live for long days spent reading and blogging.

  2. I love Roxie's face. What a cute picture.
    The Memory House and Hyacinth Girls are on my TBR list. I never get caught up on that...not that I should really. I don't like dry reading spells.

    1. I didn't read for four days...now I am in a reading frenzy with myself!

  3. I need to pick up The Memory House! And you have me craving iced tea with peach slices floating in it now :) Yum!
    Poor Roxie, she must be confused why her coloring companion had to leave. Cats are persistent... she will still be peeking in the guest room for days!

  4. Peach orchards...wow! I grew up surrounded by them... Then there were almond orchards...we also had a dysfunctional family....LOL

    Enjoy! Cute how Roxie is looking for Aunt Paula.