Friday, May 8, 2015

Short And Sweet!!!

Loved this book! All Napa Valley wine country...tons of family's just really awesome. What do you do when your wedding is five days away and you find out your fiancé has a child with his ex girlfriend? Hmmm...
My sister Paula is here visiting! This was a crazy day! Lots of great wine and good food! More fun tomorrow!
This book is up next...I need to stay awake long enough to actually read some of it! This one is a mystery...I will share more tomorrow!
Roxie has decided to take over my sister...she refuses to leave her alone...right now she is in her room waiting for her to get out of the is too funny...both of my cats adore my sister...who hasn't owned a kitty ever...Lucy has always loved Paula...they want to sit on her or next to her...they are actually ignoring us and preening over Paula!
We have had a really long day! Have an awesome night! Peace out!




  1. Enjoy your time with your sister - she's obviously more fun than you are! lol

    1. Roxie really thinks so! Paula is a better beer drinker than me!

  2. I wondered about the Laura Dave book - glad you liked it!
    Have fun :-)