Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Stuff!

Loved this book! Loved it...mad love...funny love...foodie love! It was wonderful!


Reading this! Love this's one of those sweet wondrous summer in Maine kind of books. Four very different women need to get away and they escape to this amazing wonderful house on an island in Maine! I am having a really hard time slowing myself down! I just want to read to the end! And then start it over again! This book starts out in NYC...which makes the Maine escape even better!
Planting pots and pots of flowers and is beautiful...added another section to our was too small! Having the best relaxing Saturday! Dinner is salad with local lettuces, lamb chops and a tiny slice of pie with local vanilla ice cream!
Can you see what's wrong with the new sectional pillows? I have no clue what to do! I just changed out the colors last year!
Happy Saturday!




  1. Summer comes in all kinds of colours! I think the cushions are fine.Next time just start with each one a different colour! Ha!

  2. Now I want that book! I do see what's wrong with those cushions and I'm not sure what you should do about it either.

    1. It's so sad...they are supposed to be the same color!

  3. Aren't there any more in the lime color?! Did you buy that little one from a different company? I'm confused! I do love that sectional, though. I can see myself getting a good snooze! :-D

  4. Don't you hate when that happens? I do love your deck, though....Enchanted August looks like the perfect book to curl up with on your patio. Enjoy!

  5. Think I'll head over to Netgalley right now to see if they still have Kitchens of the Great Midwest!