Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's Just The Beginning!

Every year this gets bigger! This year it burst the whiskey barrel!

My faves...these grow just over the deck!
In our house it's not Spring until the kitty tent goes up! Or until the Mulch Man would be Wednesday!
This book is a MUST READ!
Happy Saturday!




  1. I was surprised to see you...its the weekend!
    I am getting that book, too. It looks good.
    Spring is looking great there. Enjoy!

  2. Our mulch man was supposed to come a few weeks ago and we've had so much rain he's had to reschedule it.

  3. Lovely plantings....and I love that deck and kitty tent. I may have to check out The Bones of You.

  4. Once spring arrived our mulch man came and things are looking nice. How cool your cats can be outside!

    1. Mulch does make everything look lovely... Mary...only for a few minutes...we get them all set up...we sit down...and they cry to go back in and then we do it all over again!

  5. I love that tent! I know the girls do. :-)

  6. We still have green in our yard but watering once a day, in 90+ degree heat means it will be dead soon like the rest of So Cal. It is like the apocalypse here.