Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Stuff!

It is really very cool here. We have on shorts and long sleeved tees! I really do not understand our has been so humid and hot and now it's windy and cool!'s good reading course it's always good reading weather!

This book is crazy good! It's Minnesota and wine tasting and flawed dysfunctional characters and lutefisk and lefse! I would love lefse but from the description of lutefisk? Never! Again...I hate putting this book down!



Itty bitty kitty stand off? Roxie about to let Lucy have a piece of her mind!

Drinking this...totally hooked on Cucumber Water...I keep it in the refrigerator all of the time!
Making this...from Bon Appetit!
Wearing this...MAC from Nordstrom's
Wanting these...I love love love loose and comfy! All from UO...
That's it for me. We are in for the rest of the day!
Happy Friday!




  1. It was cool this morning when we walked but it got hot pretty quickly.

  2. Ooh, the Scandinavian foods reminds me of the Smorgasbords my grandmother used to have!