Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cars And Lunch And Kitties...Oh My!

I think we are getting a new car...not because of our exploding neck rest incident...but because the car we love can barely fit two suitcases in it...so we are getting a bigger one and something that has to do with diesel which Den is very excited about. So I had to spend an hour at the car place but I got to read in the lounge so it all worked out. Did you know that there are some cars out in this world that have cup holders that keep stuff both hot and cold? We aren't getting that...ever! Lol...

But we went to lunch to discuss the deal...lol...it's called Gables and I think it used to be a barn. I had a salad and a very cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan!

Working on this...good but not delicious...way too many family issues with people who are old enough to know better!
So...that was my day...Roxie has developed a yen for coloring...every time I walk into the sunroom she jumps up and grabs a colored pencil!
Sometimes she sits in the sunroom...waiting for us to join her! Can you find Roxie?
Happy Tuesday!




  1. I usually stay home while Carl buys the cars or go with him and then leave him to handle all the paperwork once the deal is made. I hate buying cars. Buying jewelry, however, is a whole different story.

    1. Too funny...same here but I had to at least see it and drive it...

  2. I don't like to go to buy a car or get it repaired but I do bring my kindle if I have to accompany my husband. Good luck with the new car. I like the looks of your sunroom, and it looks like you have sunny weather to warm it up while you color with Roxie.

  3. I am not a fan of car shopping- but my husband loves it. Sounds like Den is excited about it too! Good luck. Looks like lunch was in a beautiful setting. :)