Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday's Three Things...

First...clunky chunky sandals...good for walking...My faves so far...


Second...I even hate saying this but...I am into this new coloring takes so much of my mad coloring even get through a partial!

This is the book and it is magical! Enchanting! So much fun!

And thirdly a word?

Reading this...from NetGalley...can not put it down...horses, missing girls, the English countryside...yum!

That's it for this girl! Off to to to my!!!










  1. The book looks good, but the colouring looks fun! Enjoy them both!

  2. Oh, I haven't heard of that book, but I love the creepy cover. Have you read this author before? I don't like reading review books from authors whose work is "untried" by me, or hasn't been recommended. LOL

  3. Are those last sandals Teva's? I like them but they make my foot look so large. I bought sandals for the girl the other day and she needed a women's size 9.5! She is like a large puppy.