Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Days Of My Life!!!

People always think I am really social...but deep down inside I love being on my own...curled up on my big yellow sofa in the sunroom with my Kindle or a book...or when I was little on the glider of my parent's front porch...every summer afternoon with the same snack...windmill cookies and Lipton's instant iced tea...and a stack o' books from the bookmobile. I loved the Bookmobile! I would race my Pink Lady to the bookmobile in the park and spend hours getting books! Summers in McDonald, Ohio were perfect...idyllic...awesome!

So...today...Den and I walked Longwood Gardens together...got a juice at the juice bar together, went to the pet store together, went to get freshly baked bread from the artisanal bread place together, got local asparagus and eggs and radishes and other veg at the local farm together, and then came home and had lunch...again...together! These are normally things that I would do solo...alone...all by myself. I have to get used to this togetherness but the good thing is I don't have to carry in any packages!

Books...finished this...really good...

And this...I loved this book...so sad yet so hauntingly beautiful!
Now reading this...again...lovely...haunting...beautiful! I think I read a lot of hauntingly beautiful books!
Dinner is ready...a crisp yummy salad with chicken...homemade dressing that is out of this world...and because we walked hard today...Magnum Bars for dessert!
Peace out!!!







  1. I like to be alone but I love to be with Carl. You'll get used to having that muscle around.

  2. I am fine on my own, but when it is a way of life and not a choice...it gets old. I look forward to when my husband is home evenings, weekends, etc. Enjoy that together time.

  3. That dessert looks SO amazing!

    I like to spend time alone too- even though everyone thinks I am very social person. When my husband and I spend time together, it is similar to being alone because it is so comfortable and we generally like to do the same things. Glad you and Den are getting things done together and you don't have to carry anything. :)

  4. I feel you on this. I suspect there's a lot more ladies than one would think that have the same sentiment!

  5. I have gotten used to being on my own, and realize I have always enjoyed my solitude. But I could have used some help today when I took the bathroom light fixture down to change the bulb, and then got too dizzy to put the fixture back up...LOL. It will be a naked bulb until someone comes by.

    Enjoy your days....