Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's A Very Windy Day!

Finished this and I actually really enjoyed's just summery and beachy and blueberry filled fun...who wouldn't love a summer spent in Nantucket?  It has its flaws but it is what it is...light and just a bit predictable...but again...still fun.

Now I am reading's fun and light, too!

That's it!  Nothing much is happening here today!  We wanted to work outside but it's been really windy all day long!  I yearn to fill pots with pansies!  I need to make an Easter basket filled with treats.  I need to think about a special Easter Dinner...but right now I am not in the mood!  Just in a lazy reading that's what I am doing!  

Happy Thursday!


  1. It's been overcast here today. I've got all the goodies for my guys' baskets but have no clue what we'll have for dinner.

  2. It is April! Rainy here now, but it brings May flowers! Enjoy your day!

  3. I spent most of the afternoon at the salon/spa...and then with Noah afterwards.

    I hope to get The Guest Cottage soon...meanwhile, I now have four e-books from NetGalley: The Children's Crusade and Inside the O'Briens came in since we last texted.

    Enjoy making that basket!

  4. Luckily came to your web place.
    Hope to connect with all EBooks Authors helping each others.

  5. Glad the Nantucket book turned out to be a good read. I saw some sunshine yesterday, but it was very windy. Today- cloudy again, but warm. Spring is getting here! :)