Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Where Is The Sun?

Den and I spent the day doing unexciting stuff...cleaning, buffing wooden floors, laundry.  The sun came out for a second...it was beautiful and something we have not seen in ages.  We think we are sun deprived and mildly depressed.  We are blaming day after day of no sun.  We want to play outside, skip, dig in dirt and plant...and then sell our lovely house and move to Charleston where the kitties will say..."meow y'all?"

I oddly want to plant two of these!  My dream is sitting Den outside with tiny little scissors to make me one...or two...isn't this a boxwood?  This one is from a blog I love called Gardenista!

Reading this...as much as I love these Nantucket books...these are getting kind of tired?  I just started so I am hoping for more unpredictable excitement!  Although I read a review that said the food descriptions and the Nantucket descriptions more make up for everything else?  I hope so!
I hope it's sunny where ever you are!


  1. Like the planters but just an FYI..boxwood smells like cat pee LOL

  2. Not sunny here, yet. We will get there. I hope you get your sunshine soon!

  3. It was glorious here today - sunny and 79! I ate lunch and dinner outside.

  4. Did you get The Guest Cottage from NetGalley or Vine?

    Any particular reason you want to go to Charleston? I've always wanted to visit there, but I am afraid of hurricanes, etc.

    Funny, as people say earthquakes are a major part of California....

  5. I hope the Nantucket book turns out to be better than you expect. I read a couple holiday ones over vacation. I loved one and felt only okay about the other (they were by different authors). Nantucket is my "Maine" (I know that is one of your favorite places)- so I do love to read about the shops and restaurants and get excited each time they mention one of my favorites. :)

    I am in much need of sunshine too. Saw the weather and they are saying rain for the next week (with a little bit of snow). :(

    1. It must just be this dreary time of year!

  6. We have nothing but sun here and experts say California only has one year of water left. I don't even know what we will do this summer.

  7. Meow, ya'll?!? Lol!!! Ha ha ha! You are too funny! :-D