Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday's Thoughts!

Isn't it the first day of SPRING? It's SNOWING here! It's a great day to stay in and read...snow is covering my purple strange!

Just finished good...a yummy mystery involving teen suicides, adultery, and lots of secrets and lies...

This is next in my reading line up...

This has been such a weird hair iPad issues...I have not been visiting all my blogs...but I will catch up!

Have a lovely week end! I won't be back until late on Monday when my iPad is all fixed...hopefully...Den has the same new iPad Air 2 that I have and he is totally issue free!

Happy Reading!


  1. Switch iPads with Den when he's not looking!

  2. {sigh} It would be nice to have hyacinths blooming for the snow to fall on. My garden is under at least six feet of snow (I am NOT exaggerating).

  3. You have pix did you figure it out?

    I can't wait to read Summer week, I think. And I loved What You Left Behind.

  4. Sorry your week hasn't been easy. I hope your hair/scalp is feeling better!!

    Snowed here yesterday and today. So happy it is melting. Come on spring!