Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday...Wins And Losses...

Made little pizzas...they were awesome... I cannot get a big pizza to bake in my oven...mostly because I am afraid to turn it up to 450!!! That even sounds scary...
So I have been making small free form ones...and they have been awesome!

Caramelized onion, potato and goat cheese...

Regular...ok...this pan looks horrible but it's my favorite might have been my mom's...

I am not ever using silicone cupcake holders ever Den didn't realize I wanted them and tossed them in the trash like paper! And then tried to deny it!

Love my nails...

Love this book...

We have decided that Wednesday is our play day...either a movie day or lunch was a go out to lunch day...we each only ate half of our lunches and we can't move! Den had a braised lamb, bacon, potato, spinach and onion burrito that was massive! I had a grilled ham and Swiss cheese with French mustard and Tupelo good! Mine came with a little basket of frites...truffled and Parmesaned...oh my!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Why are you afraid to cook at 450? That is a pretty common temp. I had to cook at 500 once and that was a bit of a stretch. I could feel the heat all through the kitchen.

  2. I tried making mini cheesecakes in those silicone cupcake holders and they were a disaster too. Those things sound like a good idea but they're not!

  3. Now that book looks good! I will have to look for it. And, now I am hungry, too.

  4. Lunch sounds like it was good and those pizza's look tasty!

    Awesome nail color and I love the gloves!

  5. I love pizza...don't have it very often, but I love it covered with veggies.....

    The Last Time We Say Goodbye looks good....enjoy!

  6. If I made little pizzas, I'd probably eat less pizza at a time. I do love my pizza stones! I like to make cookies on them too.