Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's All About Some Love!

This face...I love this face...asthma inhalers...cold laser treatments...glucosamine in her food every day...we do it all...she endures it all...I love this sweet girl! Den even brings her breakfast upstairs to her every she goes to the top of the stairs and waits to be served. If she is sleeping upstairs and I am downstairs she will wake up and literally fly out of her bed to find me...she will jump into my lap as if to say "I missed you".

This face...Roxie...races through the house with a huge fluffy tail...follows me Lucy and does everything Lucy does...we have only had her for two years but I can't remember a time without her. She shows all of us so much love...and she adores her Lucy!

Reading this...just started real thoughts about it yet! more thing I love clean as Den and I eat all of the I am making jello with walnuts and bananas with Cool Whip on top. Filled with preservatives, sugar and the dreaded carrageenan that we avoid in our food and in kitty foods. But my mom made this all of the time...we are both craving it...the walnuts are organic and if Den finds organic whipped cream we will use that but the jello...OMGD! This photo is from a blog called Just A Pinch but it looks just like my mom's looked...even that same glass dish...I hate those words...artificial flavor! I hope our bodies don't go into shock!

Happy Reading!


  1. Aw, pets are the best. I have to tell you, that jello looks gross to me! lol

  2. I like jello but not the red kind. I heard the color stays in your system a really long time. I like the Pistachio pudding thing with nuts in it.

  3. It's hard to believe you've had Roxie for two years! Wow, but time flies.

    The jello reminds me of my mom; she always had some kind of jello salad, usually with whipped cream, and often with nuts and marshmallows. I don't know many people who make these kinds of foods nowadays, but they are definitely a blast from the past for me. Enjoy!

  4. Your girls are the best! Not too sure about nuts in the jello, dad was a big jello fan. Made it in little glass dishes. He put vanilla ice cream on top. Yum!