Thursday, February 12, 2015

Emily Dickinson...Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...And Chicken?

Reading this and truly enjoying it...I had no clue that Emily Dickinson wore tons of white and was a recluse? This book subtly slides between Emily's era and Alice's era...Alice is "the right now" character with a life that seems to be paralleling the lives of some of Emily's acquaintances. This book is one of those books that surprises the reader...this reader anyway!

Now...the obsessive/compulsive part...maybe not compulsive...that would be me...not Emily.

Everything I use must be lined up that obsessive? Compulsive? Or just weird? Everything here is evenly spaced...I can't just set a lid down randomly!

My desk...the back part does not bother me but the stuff on top of my desk...has to be straight! Yikes! Even that book has to be angled in just the right way...hmmm...perhaps I just have an extreme sense of order?

We are determined to find this place today...I guess you can see why!

Anyway...while I am self analyzing...and becoming paranoid...and thinking of crispy broasted chicken...

Happy Reading!


  1. Hope you get your creamy roasted chicken today. :)

    I have a bit of OCD myself. Things need to be lined up, I even alphabetize my spices! Not everything in my life needs to be just so, but certain things just need to be in order. I think a lot of teachers have organizational issues. :)

  2. I'm not that way about spacing but my heat and/or air conditioner must be on an even number. Don't ask me why because I don't know.

  3. My daughter can be a bit on the compulsive side - about some things. And yet t-shirts strewn across her bedroom floor don't phase her.

  4. If you have OCD, then so do I...LOL. I do love having things arranged a certain way. My kids used to move things around, just slightly, and then wait for me to go ballistic so they could laugh. Funny kids, right?

    The people most bothered by these characteristics are often messy, slobby people....we could analyze them, too, couldn't we? your cookware!

    And I love the look of Amherst.

  5. I am particular about things, too. I really dislike clutter. If things are disorderly, I feel unsettled. I like things symmetrical, and even, too. I think we all have quirks, and phobias, too.