Friday, February 13, 2015

Brrrrr...In Fact...Double Triple Very Windy Bundle Up Brrrrrrrrr!

Den bought me this scarf/hoodie thing a few years ago and I have others but not like this is big and warm and thick and it's my go to warm "thing" when it's this cold...someone said 1 degree tonight? Is this possible?

Saw this yesterday...

Ate a wedge salad with a pretzel roll! At the movies! So good and the pretzel roll? OMGD! Who needs popcorn? Den and I love Cinema Suites! It's kind of nice having Den at home to play with!

Finished Amherst...I actually liked it...I think I spelled it wrong yesterday...whoopsie! I actually think I spelled it wrong all over the place! Yikes!

There's a ton of Emily Dickinson poetry in Amherst but the juicy stuff...about her brother and Mabel and Mabel's husband? Kind of like Shades Of Gray in the late 1800's. But this book is one of those flash back books...which I often don't like...

Reading this...I love this kind of book...

I hope I love this one!

Off to vacuum!

Happy reading!


  1. What did you think of American Sniper? Doesn't seem like your kind of thing.

  2. They said it was going to get down to 21 here last night but it didn't - it was 31 when we walked this morning.

    I want a Cinema Suites!!

  3. Bill was not too far from you last night. It was -4 degrees. He is on his way to Boston and another blizzard. You all stay warm and safe!

  4. I did request Amherst after all...hope to get it next week. Just received Second Life in today's mailbox.

    That food looks good...hard to imagine eating like that at the movies...sounds much better than popcorn.