Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wrong Day...Right Time...

Ok...with all of the snow storm, gusty winds, losing power talk going on yesterday...we took Lucy to the vet on the wrong day...if a cat could give disdainful looks towards a person...Lucy Grace has mastery of this skill. Seriously...she has been yelling at me for at least 30 minutes as only a haughty Tonkinese well spoken kitty can! Plus we didn't even get any snow! I am now bribing her with salmon for her forgiveness...plus we have to take her again tomorrow...which is the right day. Sigh!

Poor sweet Roxie tried to reach out to her...and she yelled at Roxie, too. Tonks are very high maintenance kitties...lol!


Reading two blue books and both are soooooo yummy! Plus Garth Stein is kind of yummy, too! Oh my!

Off to read...have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. So sorry about the vet mix up. I hope it goes okay tomorrow!

    I am off to shovel. We got snow, but less than they had predicted. About a foot out there. I had the day off, so I haven't been out yet. I think the temperature is finally a little warmer for the shoveling to start (it was 3 degrees earlier- brrr).

    Happy reading!

    1. Lucy is looking good. I hope her appointment goes well. Bill drove through the storm. He hopes to be home Thursday. Stay safe.

    2. Bill is amazing...you take care, too!

  2. Must be a lot of that going around. I went for my hair appt last night and the shop was DARK! As in, closed. My stylist messed up! I texted her and she apologized and all that but my next appt is 2/17 and I am in serious need of color. She wanted to get me in sooner of course but you know me and my schedule.

    I am going to use the boxed color I used over break which was $6 and easy peasy and lasted longer than the pro job.

  3. I know! He is handsome isn't he?! :-D

  4. Hearing about Lucy's behavior makes me smile....she definitely expresses herself, doesn't she?

    Good luck with the appt.