Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!!!

We are tackling yet one more irritating cleaning chore today...and that would be...the top of the kitchen cabinets. Now...normally that would be straight forward and easy...a swipe of a Swiffer...a little bit of Murphy's Oil Soap and we are done!

Hmmm...but...unfortunately I have a collection up there...way up high...hand made birdhouses from all over the country...even one from Norway when Den worked there...and...we need to dust them? Wipe them off? Sigh! Double sigh! But we are doing it! Of course when we decide to do that one thing...Den will notice the windows that need washing and dust will get on the floor, appliances, cabinets...this needs a big triple sigh!

See how way high up they are? And that's just the small section...I took photos of the rest but you could actually see the mom would have been so mad at me...she dusted daily...obviously I do not. But if I can't even reach can I dust them?

Reading this...description from Amazon...

"As Good As Dead performs an exquisitely tuned psychological high-wire act as it explores the dangers that lie in wait when trust is poisoned by secrets and fears."

I read mixed reviews but I am hopeful about my reading experience with it...

I finished this one but I did not like it...I somehow didn't realize it was about horse racing, jockeys and gambling...none of which I enjoy reading got great reviews but it just was not for me. I hate when that happens.

Off to chill...and try to stay warm! These two know when they need each!
Lucy is very manipulative and Roxie goes along with anything. If Lucy needs her...she is there.


  1. Funny. I walked past some framed pictures in my house with my shoes on, and caught a layer of dust. But without my shoes, which is how I normally walk down that hallway, I am not tall enough to see the dust. I am horrified that it's been an issue and taller people probably knew it.

    1. OMG...that is funny and actually makes me feel better!

  2. Dusting is just terrible isn't it!?! I have some embarrassing hot spots to get to myself. I remember when I called my dad and he'd say, " I have to get back to my dusting." I certainly understand what he meant!

    Lucy and Roxie: 2 bad Girls! Ha ha ha!!!! :-D

  3. That's exactly why I don't put anything on top of my kitchen cabinets. lol

  4. My tallest bookshelves have birdhouses and other collectibles up there...I need a ladder to reach them! I tried the long handled Swiffer, but I was afraid it would knock something down. I need to get up there.

    I really shouldn't have put anything on that top shelf...glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get around to dusting everything every week...and definitely not every day!

  5. Being short, everything is up too high.
    The girls look cozy!