Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Stuff Of Our Lives...

When Den is home we have to get on a less random schedule...we had tuna sandwiches for lunch yesterday...yum...tuna on whole grain bread, chips...just a few...and bread and butter pickles. But that was at 2:30...and I was not hungry for the rest of the had soup for dinner and I had a peanut butter sandwich and milk at 8:00 ( when I did feel hungry )...not good.

So...the dinner I was going to make last night is still in the refrigerator. And other than that dinner we are out of everything! And today...debating a movie as opposed to going shopping. The lure of The Enigma Machine and Cinema Suites calls to us! The idea of Den being home more is still still puts us into play mode...and nothing has been normal...we haven't worked out in three weeks's cold, we are lazy or we are popping into movies or doing other random things. Den is freaking out...I am just biding our time until we plan a workable schedule. It will happen once the newness wears off. doesn't help that even though technically Den is working less there are still phone calls and meetings that seem to take up just as much time. So...for now...we float...but just for a little while longer.

Reading this...I bumped it up because the review is due's a short book about espionage and two people...Celia and Henry. Celia was once a CIA spy...Henry still is...sort of...they meet for dinner in talk about their memories. But there seems to be something sinister behind their meeting. Oh...and they used to be involved...with each other...

With arms filled with kitties...I bid you a great day!


  1. Yeah, we haven't figured out our new normal either. I wonder how Carl ever had time to hold down a full time job! lol

  2. You always say Den is working less but he's always gone for work! How does that work?

    I have no food in the house. We are all living off scraps. Trying to use up stuff from the pantry just because, it's good to do so once in a while and the excesses of the holidays have to be made up for at some point anyway.

  3. Your kitties are so cute. :) I remember when they wouldn't have wanted to be that close to each other! I'm still hoping my older cat will get used to our kitten. :)
    My kids and I are always more likely to each random stuff, rather than a good meal, when my husband is working. Pancakes for dinner? You bet! ;-)

  4. I just read my first book by Steinhauer and enjoyed it. I'll be interest to see what you think of this one.

  5. The most important thing is time together. Truly. Enjoy.

  6. I can understand being in play mode! I am sure at some point you will get into a groove with him home more. :)

  7. I like a casual kind of day...but then, that's every day for me! LOL

    Sounds like fun....

  8. With an arm full of kitties, it looks like YOU'RE having the best day! :-)