Monday, January 12, 2015

More Football Tonight?

Oh my...poor Den...his beloved Broncos let him down sad. I had to quickly bake something with chocolate chips in it to make him feel better...ooey gooey chocolate chip bars that soothed his sad sorry soul. Tonight most of my Ohio family will be glued to the tv watching Ohio State play...hmmm...I actually don't know who they are playing...but practically everyone in the tiny town I grew up in has some affiliation to Ohio State...practically everyone went to college I sneak upstairs to watch Prince Farming...The Bachelor...we will watch it, too.

Books! Big beautiful bodalicious books!

This is a story that takes place around the time of WWI...

This one is described as a sort of adventure/wild story.

Another YA...I know...I swore off of them...but this one is getting some BUZZ!

And another WWI book...

Reading this now...extremely yummy! FBI agents Stevens and Windermere are called upon to get involved in yet another horrific crime. This is the third book in this series...I read Kill Fee...the book before this one and it was very good. This one is too, so far. I am still reading Hush Hush but only in the middle of the night.

I am listening to ice fall on the roof!
My new motto!


  1. Ohio State's playing Oregon - I don't actually care, but we can't avoid knowing here. We won't watch it though.

    Enjoy your books.

  2. I totally agree with that quote! :)

    My brother was very upset about the Broncos too! I am not much of a football fan, but I always cheer for the team the people I love are hoping to win.

  3. Oh, you have a lot of books I've never even heard of...enjoy!

    I am sad about my Potpourri blog!

  4. The Mountsin Story looks good!
    Other than pro-football, I sometimes watch Army-Navy games. It is the ROTC in me.