Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Déjà Vu...Vet Day Two...

Today we went back to the vet on the right day and the right time. Lucy was upset...of course...Roxie wanted to come...she doesn't like being home else she just liked the idea that Lucy was trapped in her carrier.

Almost finished with these...again...both are soooo good. I really love A Sudden Light.
Plus I wanted to put up Garth Stein's photo again...

But this one is sooooo good, too. London, a little chimney sweep named Grubb...he is dirty and hungry but hopefully not for long...flying carriages...flying carriages!!! I love this book.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Glad you made it to the vet on the right date. :) Both of these books look great! Thanks for putting up the photos again. ;)

  2. Enjoy the books...and it's good that the vet appt. is over.

  3. I dread vet visits. I had to take the pup for her vaccines right after Christmas but thankfully it was an in and out deal. The short ride down had her screaming like a child though.

  4. You didn't say how Lucy's visit went, so am assuming all is well. Sometimes we take Grizelda when Chloe Jo goes for a routine check up. It is just a social thing for Grizelda.