Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Stuff!

Reading this...

Need to go pick up this...

Anticipating reading this...

Explaining rules to her...

And her...neither one is listening...

Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fab Fun Friday!!!

Reading this...I am not a huge fan of funny books but this book is really funny. Den says I don't laugh out loud or even smile when something on TV is funny so if you saw me reading would never know...but it's like a British Biggest Loser...and the humor is sort of Graham Norton, Russell Brand type of humor...quick, fast, a tad too bathroomy for me,

Ok...this is the best tortellini soup ever! Ever...ever...ever...
In the soup pot...

In the bowl with a hunk of garlicky bread...those big blobs are Whole Foods Italian Mild Turkey Sausages and spinach tortellini...Den has proclaimed this the best soup ever. Ever...ever...ever...whew!

With just soup for dinner...I am not counting how many ladles you ladled,
We needed cake! Or rather bars...these are pumpkin with cream cheese icing! Oh my they were dense and delicious! I am totally surprised they even baked due to the fact that either my oven is broken or I actually baked these at 190 for 45 minutes...then I had to turn the oven up and keep watching and poking it...this cake no longer has it's middle! I thought I touched 350 but nothing was set was weird but I was making soup and playing soccer with Roxie and I could have been distracted...if the oven is broken we will have a vegan raw Thanksgiving! Yikes!

Happy Friday? What are you doing for fun today?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday's Trivia!

Reading this...a nice light lovely romp into fantasy...fairies and humans and humans and fairies...I did not read one thing yesterday...well...maybe just a few pages of this...but for me...that was unusual...but I just didn't feel like reading...hmmm...

I really want to make this...probably for dinner tomorrow.

Plus I want to make these Pumpkin Pie Bars...found these on Pinterest...from Baking Blond...

Want to make these Baby Pumpkin Pies, too...again Pinterest from Salad In A Jar.

And these...but I have to go to Williams Sonoma to get these stamps!

And...this Mexican Lasagna? Oh my...

And these totally vegetarian tacos...oh my...

Ok...I think I am hungry because these two are in my lap and my coffee is gone and I can't move or start to plan my day without apologizing and telling them that even if I is good! But...they are so comfy!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday's Wonders!

The girls...these girls...and I are taking the day off! No tidying, no laundrying, no sorting or working of any kind! We are TV watching and reading and relaxing.

How about you? I think that today is a night for bring home Mexican food from Red Sombrero! Saucy enchiladas, tacos, chips, guacamole! Oh boy!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts...

Reading this...typically Jane Green yummy...something British, some cooking, some...or rather lots...of dysfunctional people...are making this a very interesting book to read on this freezing cold blustery day.

Some more new books...from NetGalley and Edelweiss...

Socks! Sox? Changing attitudes!
Den is a man who loves a highly pulled up sock...he does not understand the concept of cool socks that sort of wrinkle? But...I am happy to announce that he finally gets the concept that dress socks look ridiculous with Vans and Minnetonka mocs...yeah! are his new socks of

This pair can't be far behind! God...I love change!

Feet...soft Baby Feet...doing this right put these herb lined booties on your feet for an hour...and before you know have the softest feet's magic!

Strange magic!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday's Moods!

Lol...I am cold! It's raining...that cold dampish rain that chills everything...and it's raining harder and harder!

Once I finish cleaning I am going to sit on the sofa and read and watch Once Upon A Time!

New books...thank you Edelweiss and NetGalley! I am in a mystery mood today!

Just finished good...twists, turns, surprises!

I will be reading this very soon...

Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Stuff!

Ok...I love Sunday because Den is doing all of the towel laundry and emptying the dishwasher and now he is heating the clam chowder for lunch!

Den says that it's his way of working off the stress of watching the Broncos and the Eagles. I love it!
I was going to do all of this stuff tomorrow but football stress gave me a free day!

I have been reading nonstop since Friday's my middle grade marathon...

This was really on the moon told from a 12 year old's view.

This one was interesting but not compelling.

This is more YA and I already know it's going to have an unsatisfying ending plus it's frustrating to read and if I am honest...confusing...and I hate when YA is hard to follow...sigh!

I had to put this aside and I need to get back to it! I stopped at an "about to be revealed" part...

It's cold here today! Lucy has the right idea except all of this is on me and I can't move or she grumbles....

And Roxie won't stop racing around the house...we had a moment when it was quiet and we could not find her but she was locked in the downstairs bathroom!
She is recovering from her trauma now...

Happy Sunday!