Friday, April 18, 2014

What A Day!

We spent the entire day putting new towel hooks and holders and all kinds of silvery new things in our bathroom...I can't begin to to tell you how long we have debated over this! We have had these since Christmas and we still didn't know what to do with high, how low, over to the left then more to the was exhausting...truly!

Right now I am sipping a very chilled organic Chardonnay...we are all showered, combed, spritzed and sprayed...and a creamy bowl of pasta and peas and fava beans will be dinner! between lulls in the bathroom construction...I reorganized summer clothes...I have bins of clothes in every closet. This took twice as long because I had extra help from my little kitty fashionistas...anything with a tag or drawstring was fair game!

Plus they jump on me to get to the tippy tops of the closets...and seem quite cross when I take them and put them down...oh my! Here they are in deep discussions!


I have not read a word today but I will be reading this! Momentarily...

Then I need something light and fun! Perhaps this "almost" beach book!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend...I think I will take a break until Monday!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Finished these...both of these were so good...especially Mercy Snow...

But this was awesome, too, it's the first in a series about an FBI crime solving profiler.

Reading this...not sure about it yet...

Just a few new books...again...they all say summer to me!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A WindFall! Yes!

Summer reading is something different slightly different for me...I tend to want to read any book with a remotely beachy looking cover! Well...The Forever Song is most definitely about vampires but I love this series and I make small exceptions. Plus I have a refund that has to be spent on books! So these are literally

So excited...these are mostly preorders so they will pop up when I have totally forgotten about them. And these books are mine...all I can take a review break!

Plus...the good part? I still have a bit more to use up! Yeah!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So...It's Raining!

It has been really really really warm here...but simply not warm enough to fire up the air conditioners. We have deck furniture out...the girls have been in their tent...mulch is on the way! Happy Spring! The rule of planting here is that only pansies until Mother's Day...then you can plant everything. We usually take a trip to a greenhouse with beautiful get flowers...that will be our field trip soon.

But today is a relaxed day...yesterday electricians were here adding outdoor lights, fixing things and setting up the generator so that all we gave to do the next time we have a natural duster is to plug it in...whew!

Just sitting around waiting for the electricians to finish is mildly stressful. The cats had to be sequestered...and the projects took much of the day.

So today I am relaxing. My project is complete and I feel relaxed and renewed.

Yeah, Patty! Even the girls are having a peace filled moment.

Here we are! Happy! Relaxed! Not hissing!

Now...books! I am reading's about a family who owns a paper mill in a small

town...either in or near New Hampshire...there is an accident with a bus filled with children and this starts a disagreement among some of the families is the mill owning one. I have just started reading so I am still in that discovery zone part of reading a new book. But the beginning is good...the characters are interesting and the mystery is beginning to unfold. far so good!

I have a ton more books to share but I will do that later!

Dinner tonight...I think it's salad night! Either this Hummus Salad from New Nostalgia or this Tex Mex Salad from a blog called The First Year. I have been making these great "croutons" that Den loves...angled slices of a baguette...lightly crisped in a pan with just a touch of olive oil...then you rub a fresh garlic clove onto them...yummy! I think I might sub out the Fritos with an organic blue chip, though!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday! Monday!

My new favorite thing in the world is to sneak off with Den in the middle of the day to see a movie. On Friday we saw Captain America. I have no clue why but these Marvel movies are my faves...I loved this movie...this computer generated destruction of the world kind of movie is my new cup of tea! It was awesome!

And...the best thing ever is there is a new movie like this almost every two weeks!

Next is this...Spider-Man! I freaking loved the one before this one!

Then Godzilla...oh boy! The previews looked scary good!

Then this...

Plus as an added bonus on HBO Sunday night we saw Pacific Rim...more apocalyptic destruction! I loved it!

Then...we realized we did not see the Captain America before the one we just we streamed it through Amazon yesterday and it was awesome!

Still reading reminds me of Beth Revis's work...just a's really good.

These are up next...

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Test Posting...LOL...Just Ignore Me!

So...the problem with Blogpress is that it won't post my photos anymore and I am a photo addict!

So...they said to add Flickr...which I truly do not get...and my photos will go through
that...which I also do not this is my test...if it posts it works!

Deck sitting!

Starbuck's stick playing...

Pillow sliding!

That's it!

I Missed You!

Blogger would not let me post yesterday...for some reason I can't post on my laptop and now my iPad is having this is sort of a test post...

Finished's a new author for me and this book was unique. This author has a really different way of exposing her characters...and she uses this format...this is Chris...sitting in the bleachers...or this is the killer watching...throughout the entire book. It made reading this book a gripping heart wrenching experience. Whew!

Working on this...another fast paced chiller...a woman being stalked by someone she knows who will not leave her alone!

Saw this yesterday...loved it!

Have a great weekend! I will be back on Monday!