Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday's Tribulations...And Not One Of My Rants Is About Books!

I have bags and bags of clothes in for pickup by Big Brothers And Big Sisters...and I am making yet one more foray into the bins to get more...pick up is tomorrow with a 12 hour window...everything has to be outside by 7:00 AM...Den is home and we will either put all of this stuff out tonight or tomorrow...I cannot wait to get these bags out of the house! They are filled with socks and boots and sweaters and pants...coats and jackets and gloves...once they were sorted and in the bags...I forgot all about them...I don't need them nor do I want them! I want them gone!

Den is working heavily this week and next all the fun stuff I wanted to do is all messed up! I wanted to go to see lights and Christmas Villages and just spend the entire month doing Christmassy stuff and I think we are not going to be able to do half of hoo...I still have pumpkins out and the only Christmassy thing we have done is to buy a Hammond Organic Candy Cane at Whole Foods.

New Hope at Christmas...

Peddlers's Village...

Hershey Park...

More New Hope...none of which we will get to...

At this rate...we have a schedule to get our wreaths and our tree...wreaths this week end...tree next week end...Den keeps asking me for a list but I really don't want anything...( well maybe a bracelet or two )...Bah Humbug! I just want a festive fun filled holiday! I want to get rid of the pumpkins and pull out the Santas and snowmen! I want a field trip! Oh my!

It doesn't help that everything in this house is complicated...the Holiday Bins are in the crawlspace and I can't get them out on my own plus the crawlspace is scary...and if I open the basement door Roxie and Lucy race down there...once Lucy got into the crawlspace and jumped into the insulation beams...and Roxie is so tiny she just puts herself somewhere and as careful as we are there are taped boxes down there and tape draws Roxie to it like a magnet. We can't even put the bags of clothes in the entry way until tomorrow because both kitties chew plastic bags and can die!
They look well behaved...don't they? But do not be fooled!

Breathe, Patty, breathe!

Happy Thursday!

Remembering last year's tree...


  1. My cat ate plastic bags and credit cards and never got sick. Lived to be nearly 18 in fact.

    You have to get your Christmas stuff out. It's getting close now.

  2. We have done nothing for Christmas except buy Carl's dad's gift. We've talked about putting our tree up next week but that's as far as we've gotten.

  3. Oh, cats can definitely be vulnerable to all kinds of things! When I was selling my house in the foothills, I had to put the cat in her carrier when people came to look, as they left doors open to the scary closets that opened up from each of the upstairs bedrooms...and I didn't like going in there, where cats could also hide in unique places.

    Love the idea of giving away stuff...I recycled a bunch of stuff from my closet, too. I wonder why I kept those things so long?

    1. I can't wait to get it all out of the house!

  4. Awesome that you are donating so many clothes to people who need them and you are cleaning out and organizing at the same time. I love to organize. :)

    Hope you get to do some Christmasy things soon!