Friday, December 26, 2014

T'was The Day After Christmas...

We are all mellow...presents are stacked in boxes...out of the way...for some reason I always do this...I love leaving them in their cozy boxes for days!

My new Santa is settling in quite nicely!

I love the back of him, too! A local artist makes these and Santa brings me one every year.

Finished this...soooooo good! I read the first was really good, too. The essential character is Brigid Quinn PI and she is amazingly dysfunctional and quirky. Her new husband is an ex priest and she has two much loved but unnamed Pugs. The books are clever, smart and witty. I love them!

The that the plural form?... I made were delicious but I failed to comprehend how big they were and how many they would make. I had two of these baking dishes filled...they were so huge that only four of them fit in the dishes! There were three steps but they were not difficult...I had to make the sauce, make the filling and make the shells...which were really crepes. I probably won't make these again for!

Reading this now...another mystery...

Den is out raking leaves...amazing to us at this time of year!

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm just the opposite - I had all of my gifts put away by dinner time last night. lol I love all the Christmas decorations but, now that it's over, I want it all cleared out.

    1. Now that is really funny! We are like night and day!

  2. My neighbor is burning leaves today. It has been a pretty mild December, for most really.

  3. I also want all evidence of Christmas gone right away...but I do leave the decorations up until New Year's Day...except last year, I took them down the Sunday before New Year's. Your place looks very cozy and Christmassy, however, so enjoy.

  4. Fear the Darkness has such a cool cover! The story sounds fabulous!

    Glad you are still lingering in the Christmas spirit. :)

  5. Glad you had a good Christmas! I would like to read Becky Masterman, I think I had the first one out of the library last year but didn't get to it. And I will check out the other title since I am a lover of detective stories and mysteries. The manicotti looks yummy too :)