Sunday, December 7, 2014


Sunday really is the best day for relaxation, reflection and football!

Lucy and Roxie have chosen me for a bed...thus...I can no longer feel my legs...but Roxie will irritate Lucy soon enough and I can walk around again!

They love my new fuzzy furry cozy throw more than I do!

I am totally not focused on reading anything and that is odd for's just nice today to sit...I am looking at books...these books but not really reading them...yet!

Off to flex my legs!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love that throw too. I've been having trouble focusing ever since my mom left.

  2. That is definitely a cozy looking looks warm, too.

    I have not been reading yet today....watched Netflix for four hours! Now I might read....

    1. I did not think I would love this throw but I do my washes perfectly and doesn't shed...unlike my friends! Lol!

  3. That blanket looks super cozy!

    Sunday is a wonderful day for relaxing. :) Glad you enjoyed yourself today!

  4. That blanket is awesome. I don't blame the girls! Ummm...I haven't read a Claudia Grey book in years. I'll have to look this one up.