Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Still No Cookies...Unless...

Unless you count a box of Trader Joe's fashionably impeccably dressed and PC Ginger People? I even put them in a tin...actually I guess they aren't dressed...sigh!

But putting them in a tin before we give them to the birds should count as a festive gesture? Shouldn't it? I wonder how many times I can soften and unsoften butter...

Finally finished this book...this was a book filled with the most irritating characters...making horrible choices...in an annoying way...this book just might have made me outgrow YA...at least for a while...I hate hate hate not liking a book...but this one? Reviews on goodreads were either a one star or a five star...seriously. Sad...very sad...

Reading this...really good...but I think it's YA ish, too!

The girls and I came downstairs very early this morning while Den slept the sleep of a boy whose Broncos football team let him down last night...we turned on Tree Number 1 and watched The Librarians...my new fave show!

Coffee, kitties, a cozy blankie and 1 1/2 ginger people...my way to start the day!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I will be reviewing Jennifer Niven's book, too. I love her. Enjoy those cookies!

  2. I have never been a fan of YA, but did read a few this year. I really hate over-the-top teens, so I try to only read the YA books with issues that resonate with me.

    Enjoy the cookies and the gorgeous trees.

    I haven't watched The Librarians yet...Sundays are for the now-on-hiatus The Good Wife and Madame Secretary...and The Affair, which has now finished its season.

  3. There's a show called The Librarians? Why didn't I know this?

  4. It's okay not to bake your own Christmas cookies. Believe me, if it wasn't for my son asking when we are doing it (will have to be tomorrow after I pick up butter sticks for it) I would just buy nice quality store ones.

    I will have to check out The Librarians show and see how it goes. Nice to know you really enjoy it. I don't read YA unless it's fantasy or dystopian, and even then not too much, but I do hate when the characters are seriously immature or just plain dumb about their choices and then whine about life not treating them fairly, sigh...

  5. I have not watched The Librarians. I must find out more about it!

    Sorry the last book you read wasn't very good. It is hard to enjoy a book when the characters are irritating!