Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday's Musings...

We are supposed to have a Nor'easter tomorrow! Yikes! I am scheduled to have lunch with friends but it's hurricane weather! Floods, wind, and rain! Oh my goodness!

This week's new books...the stack behind it are read...thank goodness...ok...I am upstairs and these books are downstairs and I have no clue what the second and third ones sorry...I will fix it for tomorrow!

Reading this...and it is good...some sort of weird time warp travel but very interesting...

I can't even talk about Christmas...we didn't get a tree or wreaths or even get the bins's so wet we can't do anything outside and I don't think Lucy feels sweet baby...

Happy Monday...though I am out of sorts and fretting!


  1. Aw, poor Lucy! It's what we call frigid here today - 41 degrees - and I don't like it. We plan to decorate tomorrow but I'm sure Carl will try to figure out a way to get out of it.

  2. I decorated for Bill, so it is very simple this year. He won't be home until New Year's.
    What do you do with your physical books after you read them?

  3. So sorry about Lucy...and the wet weather. We're getting some rain by Thursday, according to the news.

    We shall see.

    Just finished Cancel the Wedding...and at first, it took me some time to engage, but then, wow! Loved it!

  4. No school today here due to the ice and cold temperatures. It is warming up now- and raining, but it might still be slippery. My husband had a treacherous ride to work and saw many, many accidents. Hope the roads are better near you!

    We have our tree up with lights- but no ornaments. I have NEVER been so far behind with my holiday decorations.

    Hope Lucy feels better!