Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just A Quick Fly By...

Finished this...interesting but not overwhelmingly so...

Just started this...I started it before but I wasn't in the mood for it but now that I am into is awesome...sort of a Katniss, Graceling, War Of The Worlds kind of book that I unexplainably love. The premise of this that there are Red Blooded people and Silver Blooded people...and Silvers rule! Until one girl ( there is my Katniss reference ) steps in and changes things...

Happy Thursday! Den is finally on his way home from the wilds of Minnesota...and...whispering this and quietly praying...Lucy is eating...we are optimistic and realistic at the same this is good...for now...


  1. I've had you and Lucy on my mind all day. I hope she continues to eat!

  2. Kept checking to see if there was an glad Lucy is eating, hoping it continues. Keeping her in my prayers.

  3. Always thinking of Lucy...and glad she has that fuzzy, fluffy blanket.

  4. Glad to hear that you are getting into Red Queen!. Sounds interesting. Also- thinking of Lucy. :)