Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's All About...Soup!

Hmmm...I may be overdoing the soup making...I have a multitude of unrecognizable frozen bags of soup in the freezer...of course I didn't think to actually label them. I always think I will recognize the soup but I have learned that when soup is frozen it sort of looks like every other soup that's frozen...the unwritten soup law?

But that isn't stopping me from wanting to make these...from Bon Appetit...they just look so good!

Plus I get to use chopsticks with some of them!

Reading this...

Breaking it to Lucy that we have to venture out in the cold icy rain for her cold laser treatment plus assessment! Oh boy!

Explaining to Roxie that she will be alone for about an hour...

Waiting for Den to get home early today from...the wilds of Minnesota!

That's my day! Happy Wednesday!


  1. I wish I had some soup right now. I have nothing for lunch today and may have to venture out in the rain to get some.

  2. I could eat soup just about every day. It might be kind of fun to pull a bag out of the freezer and surprise yourself.

  3. Hmm, I just love soup! You can't go wrong with any kind you pull out! Cute photos of the girls and Den!

  4. I love soups! I even order it at restaurants, too.

    I have been working on my Rainy Days and Mondays blog...moved it to Word Press....I didn't import everything. Just the posts for this year, and then just the ones that were book reviews.

    Going forward, it will be like any of my other blogs.

    I had to remove links to the old site (book reviews); when I started the project, I knew it would take a took several hours!

    Hope you are loving The Pocket Wife.