Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday's Wondrous Wild Ride!

Ok...I have to admit that when Den is away Lucy, Roxie and I sort of free fall...we have no structure at all...we sleep late, eat mostly toast, cheese, apples and soup...we might do a little bit of online read incessantly and play Bigfish Hidden Object chillax. No alarms are set, no real dishes are used and the girls are very frustrated because their breakfast is usually at 8:30 rather than Den's 5:00 ish! I love this schedule!

Girls are checking out a new rug!

That is how we roll! However...I am still very very excessively neat...even on Free Fall days so there is really nothing to clean or tidy...just last minute errands to it's Staples, Whole Foods and T.J.Maxx to find a fuzzy throw for Den...and something yummy for dinner and for Den's packed lunch tomorrow! Whew!

Did I say online shopping? Who can resist a sale at Swell? Not this girl! Bought these scarves...on sale!

 to run my errands...

Oh...still reading The this book and author so much. His writing is entrancing! Grimoires, evil, good, witcheries and a horse named Shadow Dancer! There is so much more in this amazing fantasy!

These are up next...both appear to be sort of chilling!

This book has been compared to Defending Jacob...

This rumored to be intense, too.

Happy Wednesday!

Are you on a wild ride today?


  1. Oh yeah, I used to love it when Carl was gone for a couple of days!

  2. I need a free fall day or two - and a new scarf.

  3. Oh, that is a great rug! And those scarves are gorgeous, too. I love scarves!

    I paused over the Finding Jake book....but it does look good.

  4. Well, I like how you roll...and the girls, too. Enjoy the rest of the week.